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Composing and Entrpreneurship

Composing and Entrpreneurship

In the 25 (!) years that I’ve been a composer, I’ve noticed a transformation from a general feeling that being a composer (or any kind of artist) was the opposite of being a business person to the expectation that all composers should be entrepreneurs, and not only that, we’re supposed to like that. I had the chance to write about this for VAN Magazine, in my article Performing Creativity: Composing in the Entrepreneurial Age.

(The Lovely and) Talented?

(The Lovely and) Talented?

I’m thrilled to have a guest post on Jessica Duchen’s Classical Music Blog about how the word “talented” is disproportionately used to describe composers who are women. Click here to read the post.

English String Orchestra performs “falling still” in London

English String Orchestra performs "falling still" in London

I’m just back from London, where the English String/Symphony Orchestra and violinist Harriet Mackenzie, with Ken Woods conducting, gave a beautiful performance of falling still. The concert also featured a fantastic premiere of Wall of Water by Deborah Pritchard, and pieces By Thea Musgrave and Kaija Saariaho. (A detailed review of the concert can be found here.)

I’ve known Ken since the early 1990’s, when we were both students at Scotia Festival of Music, and it was great to have the chance to work with him again. (Ken is a very multi-talented musician. When we were at Scotia Festival, we performed Ancient Voices of Children by George Crumb together: Ken played both the mandolin and the musical saw parts!)

Upcoming Events

  • The Craft Ensemble will be performing falling still on February 3, 2018 at 7:30 at the Third Life Studio in Somerville, MA
  • The St Andrews New Music Ensemble, conducted by Bede Williams, will premiere Conversation, with words by Eleonore Schönemaier on February 21, 2018 at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, Scotland, as part of St Andrews New Music Week
  • Oboist James Turnbull will be performing Social sounds from whales at night on February 25, 2018 at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, Scotland, as part of St Andrews New Music Week.
  • The Midlands Chorale, conducted by Daniel Galbreath, will be giving the official premiere of Three Summer Wassails, with texts by Forrest Pierce on March 24, 2018 at the Catholic Cathedral in Shrewsbury, UK.

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