Emily Doolittle -- Selected Compositions

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Many of my scores are available on my site at the Canadian Music Centre. Feel free to contact me for any scores that are not available there. (emilydoolittle (at)

Orchestral Music

A Short, Slow Life
(2011) (click under my name on the right-hand side of the page to hear the piece)
9:00; for soprano and orchestra; commissioned by Suzie LeBlanc for Suzie LeBlanc and Symphony Nova Scotia; based on a poem by Elizabeth Bishop

and some firewoks (2007)
            i. reels
            ii. air
            iii. two jigs and some fireworks
14:00; for orchestra; commissioned by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal  for the Orchestre Métropolitain du Grand Montréal

green/blue (2003)
12:00;  for orchestra;  commissioned by the Oregon East Symphony

Dance (2001)
6:30;  for orchestra;  commissioned by First Music for the New York Youth Symphony

green notes (2000)
7:00; for baroque orchestra; commissioned by CBC for Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra

Chamber Music (Instrumental)

Folie à Deux
3:30; for flute and harpsichord; commissioned by Cléo Palacio-Quintin and Katelyn Clark

36:00; for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and dancer; commissioned by the Umbrella Ensemble (Newfoundland Sound Symposium, 2010)

7:00; for piano four-hands; commissioned by the Fung-Chiu Duo

11:00; for flute and harp; commissioned by Laurel Phillipson for Tacye Phillipson

col (2002)
5:30;  for violin and marimba;  commissioned by the Netherland-America Foundation for Entropy

falling still
5:00;  for baroque string orchestra or string quartet;  commissioned by the Canada Council for Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra

four pieces about water (2000)
            I. running water
            II. salt water
            III. frozen water
            IV. rain water

11:00;  for nine instruments;  commissioned by the Nova Scotia Arts Council for Ensemble Contemporain de Montreal

Four Short Pieces for String Quartet (1999)
7:00; for string quartet

night black bird song (1999)
8:00;  for two flutes and three percussion;  commissioned by SCI/ASCAP for the New York University New Music Ensemble. Recorded on Capstone label. Purchase here.

suppose i was a marigold (1997)
4:45;  for cello  and piano;  commissioned by Greg Homza

Chamber Music (With Voice)

The Wise Daughter
11:00; for narrator, violin, and piano; based on a Jewish folktale; commissioned by Talespin

Why the parrot repeats human words
19:00; for narrator, clarinet, viola, and percussion; based on a Thai folktale; commissioned by the Canada Council for Meduse

Le Loup, la chevre et le chevreau (2005)
9:00;  text by Lafontaine;  for soprano, tenor, 8 flutes, cello; commissioned by the Nova Scotia Arts Council for Alizé

all spring
            I. five o'clock
            II. all spring
            III. have you
            IV. ruffed grouse
            V. just when
18:00;  for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, bass (or cello), and percussion;  text by Rae Crossman; commissioned by the Canada Council for the Motion Ensemble

Weather Songs
            I. Lightning
            II. Snow

9:30;  for soprano, flute, violin, cello, piano, and percussion;  text by Yves Bonnefoy, translations by John Naughton;  recorded on Muziekgroep Nederland label. Purchase here.

Voice Solo or With One Instrument

Hatchlings (a set of six)
7:00; for baritone and piano; commissioned by Giles Herman

vocalise (for bees)
3:00; for solo mezzo-soprano; commissioned by Miranda Loud

Social sounds from whales at night
8:00; for soprano and electronics; commissioned by the Canada Council for Helen Pridmore. Performance materials for Social sounds are here

Childs Play
            1. The Royal Staircase
            2. Nicely
            3. The Stone Carrier

12:00;  for soprano and piano;  texts by Erik Satie, translated Emily Doolittle;  commissioned by the Nova Scotia Arts Council for Janice Jackson and Eve Egoyan (version for tenor and piano also available)

            Song; Breake of Day; Batter My Heart; Dance; Stay, O Sweet
12:00;  for soprano and viola d'amore (or soprano and violin);  texts by John Donne; commissioned by the Nova Scotia Arts Council for Janice Jackson and Thomas Georgi

Ruby-Throated Moment
3:30;  for solo high soprano;  for Wendy Humphries

Airs of Men Long Dead
            I. Waiting
            II. Wolf
            III. Song
            IV. Sycamore

10:00;  for soprano and piano;  text by Forrest Pierce;  for Patricia Green. Recorded on Blue Griffin label. Purchase here.

Two Hammarskjöld Songs
            I. Thus It Was
            II. Seven Weeks

7:30;  for soprano and piano;  text by Dag Hammarskjöld, translations by W. H. Auden


4:30;  for 15 Womens Voices and Percussion;  ancient Mayan text, translated by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno; for the Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

Solo Piano

Gliese 581c
4:00; commissioned by Rachel Iwaasa

minute etudes
, book ii
6:00;  for Ben Binder

minute etudes, book I
            furtive;  languid;  lively;  lonely;  playful
5:00; for Ruth Rose. Downlad PDFs of furtive, languid, lively, lonely and playful here.

Other Solo Instrumental

Utah, 1996
variable; for solo cello, based on transcriptions of a hermit thrush song, recorded by Kevin Colver; written for Tim Ingold

4:30; for solo alphorn; commissioned by Mike Cumberland

music for magpies
            pied butcherbirdhoopoe larkringed river snike; pileated pocket grousegreen-rumped antstalker
7:00;  for viola da gamba with quarter-tone frets (or cello or viola);  for Karin Preslmayr

field music
4:30;  for solo clarinet;  for Jennifer Barlament

2:30;  for solo flute;  for Ellen Waterman. Download a PDF here.



Music for Children

I Am...
19 junior/intermediate level piano pieces, published by Oceanna music. Purchase here.

Turning (2006)
Included in Canadian National Conservatory of Music Northern Lights series, level IIB. Purchase here.

Tranquil (2002)
Included in Canadian National Conservatory of Music Northern Lights series, level IVB. Purchase here.